Friday, May 14: Jimmy Koplik Breaks Down This Year's Rock Hall Class; The Week In Flubbles; Boss Keith's Top 5

May 14, 2021, 03:27 PM

Live Nation's Jimmy Koplik broke down his voting process for the Rock Hall of Fame, and feels like the inductees this year are all extremely worthy. He admitted there is one inductee that he doesn't quite understand, and a band left out that is more than deserving. (0:00)
Every Friday, Chaz and listen back to the biggest on-air mistakes they've made over the last week. A "flubble" is a combination of a flub and mumble, as AJ proves while trying to say the word "linguini." (14:48)
Boss Keith's Top 5 was all about the internet's "garbage studies," and the real answers he thinks they are hiding. (20:57)

Image Credit: REUTERS/Pilar Olivares/File Photo