The Origin of "I've Got Scars Baby!" - Hosted by Malinda Williams

Episode 19,   May 13, 2021, 01:00 AM

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Audra shares the story of her scars, how it impacted her life and led to the birth of the I've Got Scars Baby! podcast.

Life Coach/Motivational Speaker/Author

Audra Bryant is a life coach, motivational speaker, singer, and author who shares her transformational journey of healing to help others turn their scars into their superpower. After an accident caused her to receive burns on her chest, neck and shoulder at the tender age of 18-months, Bryant spent nearly 25 years trying to rid herself of the scars with surgeries, compression vests, acid treatments, and injections. She then began to cover them with t-shirts and turtlenecks and refused to look at her scars in the mirror until she was 25 years old, only to find herself missing out on her purpose and meaningful relationships. Because of her experience, the Detroit native wrote her song “Scars” to encourage others going through similar situations and shares her journey in a book “I’ve Got Scars Baby! How to Embrace Your Scars and Power Your Purpose.” In it, Bryant reveals that through prayer, affirmations, therapy, and other methods, she eventually found her purpose by embracing her scars. Additionally, as a certified life coach, she’s empowered countless others through workshops, personal coaching, speaking engagements, online courses, and her podcast “I’ve Got Scars Baby!”, which explores “scars” of all sorts from physical to mental and emotional.

Bryant’s infectious smile, impeccable talent and powerful testimony led to her being a motivational speaker and performer for The Detroit Medical Center, Children’s Hospital of Michigan, Los Angeles Unified School District, Accelerated Radio, LA Talk Radio and the Phoenix Society for Burn Survivors.

Through the victories and the times of challenge, Bryant’s learned that we all have a purpose that is inextricable linked to one another so it is her desire to encourage others in their journey and make them smile along the way!



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Armed with a license in cosmetology and a few small acting roles, Malinda Williams left her home state of New Jersey and ambitiously set her sights on Hollywood. Twice nominated for an NAACP Image Award for “outstanding actress in a drama series”, the determined young beauty made a name for herself, grabbing lead roles in films such as “The Wood “(MTV/Paramount), “High School High” “A Thin Line Between Love and Hate” and the television series SoulFood.

Malinda recently starred in TVOne’s “Loved to Death”, and executive produced her first television movie “Marry Me for Christmas” for Uptv and Aspire networks. Having the ability to portray characters ranging from a sophisticated young entrepreneur, to a mentally challenged teenager, has branded Malinda Williams one of the entertainment industry’s most well respected actresses.