Episode 5 - Burley Banksy (Andy McVeigh)

Episode 5,   May 31, 2021, 11:00 PM

For episode 5 of Mik Artistik’s Ego Podcast, Mik is joined again by bandmate Jonny Flockton, as they chat to Burley Banksy (Andy McVeigh).

Andy is a huge Leeds United fan, and his alias 'Burley Banksy' has grown in notoriety for painting electrical boxes and murals in Leeds celebrating his love for the ‘Mighty Whites!’. He has grown a cult following through his art, leading him to work with Adidas and LUFC officially. Andy is also a talented drummer, a teacher and an all round solid guy! 

This Episode was recorded in August 2020 just after Leeds United secured promotion in the Premiership!

Mik, Jonny and Andy chatted together about Bielsa the redeemer, Norman Hunter, playing in a band with premiership referee Jon Moss (who Mik interviewed in episode 2 - have a listen if you haven't already), struggles with depression and joy of painting on electric boxes and the positive response from Leeds United and the City to Andy's work!

Follow all of Andy’s new work and projects on his socials:
Twitter @pantsdanny
Facebook: Burley Banksy