Monday, May 17: Ashley And Phil's Turn In Roller Coaster Karaoke; The Concert Rider Game; Dumb Ass News

May 17, 03:55 PM
Dumb Ass News - A major US city has a terrible idea for solving their rat problem. (0:00)
The finale of Chaz and AJ's Roller Coaster Karaoke, this time Ashley and Phil do their best to sing Whitney Houston on Quassy's Wooden Warrior. Ashley needed a lot of beep tones (and time to catch her breath,) and Phil completely ruined the bit, mere seconds into his attempt. (6:23)
Allie from the Ridgefield Playhouse was on to play the Rider Game with the Tribe, and everyone got to learn a little bit about "slippery elm." (15:15)
A 6-year-old named Archer beat leukemia, and fulfilled his make-a-wish of blowing up a bridge. (21:46)
Derek Jeter's house in Tampa Bay sold recently, setting a record for the area. Chaz and AJ went nuts over the details of the house. (25:18)

Image Credit: Bill Chizek / iStock / Getty Images Plus