14 Apr 2019 | Rivian Wows At Showcase, Audi Brings Electric Q2 To China and Question Of The Week Answers

Apr 14, 2019, 09:27 PM

Rivian R1T Truck & R1S Suv Wow NYC Ahead Of Auto Show | Mitch Evans Earns First Formula E Victory For Panasonic Jaguar Racing| Audi Announces Q2 L E-Tron With 38kWh Battery For China | Polestar 2 Puts Focus On China | Elon Musk Announces April 22 As Start Of Tesla Full Self Driving | Volkswagen Unveils I.D. Roomzz Electric Suv Concept In Shanghai | Question Of The Week

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Good morning, good afternoon and good evening wherever you are in the world, welcome to EV News Daily for Sunday 14th April 2019. It’s Martyn Lee here and I’ve been through every EV story I could find today, and picked out the best ones to save you time.


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DAVID FINCH : I’ve just listened to the Saturday podcast. I’m not sure if it’s worthy of a little correction or not, but you quoted Elon as saying deliveries starting May / June, when in fact his tweet said “hopefully June / July”.


RENE SCHNIEDER: "I just got a letter these minutes that the standard range plus is available for order in Switzerland: „From today on the Model 3 Standard Range Plus is available in Switzerland."


TOM RAFTERY: "It that time of year to organise the summer holidays (possibly I’ve left it a bit late already!). And I want to bring the family to Norway to show them what a country with a high penetration of Evs can look like (and to take in the beautiful scenery Norway can offer). I have been trying to find information on EV hire options in Norway, and there isn’t a lot out there (that I found)."



  • "The New York Auto Show doesn’t officially open to the public until April 19th, but that doesn’t mean the fun hasn’t already started. The weekend before an auto show opens is usually the real kickoff party, with manufacturers trying to get a jump on the competition, and many opt to show off their new vehicles before they hit the show floor the following week. That precisely what Rivian did with its R1T electric pickup truck and R1S electric SUV." reports Tom " InsideEVs.com: "These events were mostly for VIPs and reservation holders; they weren’t press events where we could schedule interview time, so unfortunately nothing new was learned. I suspect if Rivian is going to announce any new news, it will be done so during the Auto Show for maximum exposure. As you might expect, the crowd was extremely enthusiastic, and it reminded me of how it feels at Tesla events. Since most of the people in attendance were reservation holders, they were already on-board with what Rivian is doing. Plus, for most, it was their first opportunity to see the vehicles that they plunked $1,000 down on to reserve."





  • Panasonic Jaguar Racing’s Mitch Evans claims an emotional first victory in Rome with DS Techeetah’s Andre Lotterer in second and HWA Racelab’s Stoffel Vandoorne bringing home both his and the team’s first podium finish in the ABB FIA Formula E Championship.
  • Evans stalked the back of Lotterer’s car in the opening phase of the race, with the DS TECHEETAH driver unable to pull a gap. With both teams and drivers evenly-matched on pace, it became a tactical battle about when to deploy ATTACK MODE.





  • From the Audi Press Office: "two electric models will make their series debut in Shanghai: the Audi e-tron* and the Q2 L e-tron, which was designed especially for China and is built in the Foshan plant. The compact SUV, which will be delivered to the first customers in the summer of 2019, is even experiencing its world premiere in Shanghai.
  • Audi CEO Bram Schot: “With both the Audi Q2 L e-tron and Audi e-tron electric models, we are launching a new era in China with our partner FAW. The compact SUV will be produced locally already this year and, beginning in 2020, the Audi e-tron will also be produced in China, our largest and most important market worldwide.”
  • The body of the Audi Q2 L e-tron is 33 millimeters (1.3 in) longer than that of the basic model. The car is powered by an electric motor on the front axle that mobilizes 100 kilowatts and 290 newton meters (213.9 lb-ft). With a battery capacity of 38 kilowatt hours, it has a range of up to 265 kilometers (164.7 mi), determined according to the local homologation procedure."





  • At the Chinese debut of the Polestar 2 in Shanghai, Polestar confirmed that production of the new electric performance fastback will take place in Luqiao, Zhejiang Province, from early 2020.
  • The production facility will also produce world-class Volvo and Lynk & Co. models that share their core CMA platform with Polestar 2. Polestar 2 is the first car on the modular chassis to feature a fully electric drivetrain.
  • Thomas Ingeleth, Chief Executive Officer at Polestar: “Being able to produce Polestar 2 in the Luqiao plant in China shows the clear synergies of our ownership structure and gives us a great industrial advantage. With Geely and Volvo Cars as our owners, we are able to leverage their expertise in many different ways. Manufacturing is one of the most important areas, helping us accelerate our progress and entry into the market with the confidence that Polestar 2 production will begin as planned early next year.”
  • Following the confirmation in 2018 that the first-ever Polestar Space will be located in Oslo, Norway, Polestar has now confirmed that the first Polestar Space in China will be located in central Beijing. Establishing the Polestar footprint initially in Oslo and Beijing highlights two of the world’s most influential electric car markets as primary targets for the brand.
  • The Polestar Space in Beijing will open in late 2019 and signals the roll-out of Polestar Spaces in China. Around 20 facilities spread between 11 Chinese cities will be opened during 2020 – about one third of all initial Polestar Spaces expected to be opened globally.



  • "Tesla announced a new event – Tesla Autonomy Investor Day – on April 22 at its headquarters in Palo Alto. There are not many details about the event, besides the topic of autonomous driving. According to Elon Musk, investors can expect a demo of full autonomous driving," says Mark Kane for InsideEVs.com: "One of the biggest projects is the Tesla Network – a fleet of autonomous cars, available for sharing. It would be a double win for the manufacturer – first because it provides another stream of revenue and second because Tesla could use cars at the end of lease (no buyout option was previously announced)."





  • Volkswagen is expanding its electric ID. product range with a multi-variable all-round model: the new ID. ROOMZZ—a zero-emission SUV in the five meter category. Volkswagen will present the concept car as part of a world première at Auto Shanghai (18 to 26 April) in an homage to China, currently the largest market for zero-emission vehicles. The series version of the ID. ROOMZZ—which follows on the more compact ID. CROZZ—is scheduled to take to the road from 2021.
  • Alongside the ID. ROOMZZ, the ID. CROZZ and the compact ID. (all set to have a market début in 2020), other members of this new electric vehicle family include the iconic ID. BUZZ van and the avant-garde saloon ID. VIZZION (both will make their market début in 2022). in the European WLTP cycle the maximum range is 450 kilometers (280 miles). The battery is charged via an inductive interface. Conventional charging via a plug is also possible.The ID. ROOMZZ combines its IQ.DRIVE systems, enabling the concept car to navigate traffic all by itself (fully automated) as desired. Volkswagen is consolidating all assistance systems and technologies involved in autonomous driving under the umbrella brand IQ.DRIVE."






Several reasons to be reticent...

- Parts and service centers are not readily available

-if you had rich rebuilds in your town, I would consider

-I've recently had some things crop up at 70k on my 85 S that would have cost a lot had it not have been a covered under warranty. They replaced the entire battery pack.  Then a couple thousand miles later the charge port went out.  On the loaner they gave me, that car had 50k on it, the main screen went out...

-if you had rich rebuilds knowledge, then you could go for it, but at 250k there is no, zero, zippo warranty and you would be covering the cost.  If you still are interested, call and ask Tesla what the cost is to get a rebuilt high voltage battery pack, as well as getting the main CPU and screen replaced, as well as drive unit and inverter. Those are the big ticket items.

If this was ten years from now and there were lots of used parts available then it would be a different situation.  I would try to claw my way into a CPO car with less than 50k on it, that way it comes with 4 year 50k warranty. In the US, tesla is selling the 2012 and 2013 85s in the low $30,000 with financing.



I think one should expect to have to put some money into any vehicle with > 250,000 miles, with respect to EVs the question is the longevity of the expensive bits- the powertrain and the battery. It is known that an electric powertrain generally lasts much longer, in fact I think Tesla even suggested their powertrain can go potentially > 1 million miles. With respect to the battery, I know the NMC 622 cells in most EVs nowadays can cycle about 2,000 to 3,000 times before i'ts capacity has degraded to 80 to 90%, at which point they say it's "unsuitable" for further EV use, though in my opinion that's debatable- given the C rating of most of these battery cells. My Chevy Bolt has a 60kWH battery and EPA estimate of 3.8miles/kWH, giving 456,000 to 684,000 miles.



A EV is different and a million mile is not that outlandish a claim as motors run production lines 24/7 for many years and we don’t expect them to fail quickly today the same would be true for EVs and given that brakes also last longer (regen) it seems if your a highmiler EV is an obvious choice.

This is before we take into consideration comfort and space.



Firstly I think you should go for a high mileage Tesla, I would if I could afford it. Would make a great story to write about and to follow...”Life with a super high mileage Tesla” or “High mileage Tesla....what could go wrong”



Given what I know now, Yes, I would buy a very high mileage EV but iff (if and only if) it is was a Tesla model 3.

Why? Because:

Its drive train is guaranteed for 1 million miles.

Its batteries should last anywhere from 300k-500k miles.

It's frame has been over engineered.

It is the safest car on the road

...John Fruhwirth



I for one think it'd be brilliant for you to get the super high mileage Tesla and keep us apprised of your trials and tribulations with it...if you can afford it. I presume that could at least be considered a business expense for a podcaster like you.  I would definitely worry that it could  end up costing costing you some pounds though.


(plus in depth story about his 2012 Model S 85)



Yes. with a caveat. As someone who works as a technician for an automotive manufacturer with an EV named after something that you might find in trees, based on their battery degradation issues I would probably not. However, the mechanical components are very durable as they are shared with other vehicles. That being said, I would be much more inclined to purchase a different EV that does not have battery degradation issues.



as a Mercedes Benz master tech here in California I my self have replaced six -B- class "ELECTRIC MACHINES" due to internal coolant leaks. These repairs were done under warranty  thank goodness  as the ELECTRIC MACHINE is a very pricey item. This front wheel drive unit is the same as the rear power unit used in the Tesla model -S-. Another thing one might consider is the battery warranty is 8 years 100k(miles) how ever a high voltage battery inspection of degradation must be performed annually and recorded.(Tesla battery Tesla drive train) if not performed or skipped the warranty is lost.This has kept me from My own purchase of a used -B- class as they are truly a blast to drive and have all the comforts of a Benz.



Although all the electric gubbins would in all likelihood have plenty of life left in them. One has to consider, the rest of the vehicle has also done all those miles too. As have all the interior fittings.


I’d be more willing to buy such a vehicle if I lived in Norway, Sweden, Finland or the like, where they routinely under-seal a vehicle for winter and clean it off and inspect the underside in spring. I’d be more willing to buy one, if the vehicle had be kept hot dry climate. Where salting roads was unheard of.



I'm currently looking at a second had Tesla. I'm looking at up to 90,000 miles. One thing that would concern me is the suspension wear. I had an old MK4 golf that after 120k miles the tracking was adjusted as much as possible and it was only just about ok. Indicating suspension components needed to be changed. If there is evidence the tracking is ok and it's been well looked after I'd consider higher milage. The motor and battery (especially with Tesla) is not a concern to me.