Bill Brodie Good of Alien Metals, Jay Cheatham & Bob Rosenthal of Pantheon Resources plus John Meyer

Episode 2425,  May 20, 2021, 12:41 PM

Alien Metals: Increasing interest in Hamersley Iron Ore to 90%. Pantheon Resources Resource Upgrade – Basin Floor Fan. John Meyer on BlueJay Mining, Alba Mins Res, Eurasia Mining & Anglo-Asian Mining.

On the Vox Markets Podcast Today: 20th May 2020

Bill Brodie Good, CEO & Technical Director of Alien Metals #UFO gives an overview of their final results and discusses why they're likely to increase their interest in Hamersley Iron Ore Project to 90%.

Jay Cheatham, CEO & Bob Rosenthal Technical Director of Pantheon Resources #PANR talk about the resource upgrade on its Basin Floor Fan Complex, which spans both the Theta West project and the Talitha Unit.

(Interview starts 10 minutes 45 seconds)

John Meyer, Mining analyst and partner at SP Angel talks about bitcoin, gold and: BlueJay Mining #JAY Alba Minerals Resources #ALBA Eurasia Mining #EUA & Anglo-Asian Mining #AAZ

(Interview starts 17 minutes 28 seconds)

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