A day in the life of… a Metabolic Research Dietitian

Season 2,   May 20, 2021, 04:03 PM

The Beat podcast is designed for healthcare professionals only and is brought to you by Nutricia. 

In this mini-series we explore the world of metabolic medicine, meeting the people from the multi disciplinary team who deliver the service. Through these episodes we hear what a typical day in the life of these experts is like, what they have learnt in their career and what is still to be discovered in the fascinating world of Metabolics. 

In this episode of The Beat podcast, host Dr James Nurse, Consultant Paediatrician, is joined by Mr Alex Pinto, Metabolic Research Dietitian, to discuss the important role that research plays in metabolic medicine. They discuss working with patients in a trial setting, insights into collaborating on projects and how healthcare professionals outside of a research role can do their bit to help.