Friday, May 21: Fun Fact Friday; How Many Times Did AJ Say "Right" This Morning; The Week In Flubbles

May 21, 2021, 03:36 PM

Dumb Ass News - The singing pubic hair. Not a joke, a real commercial. (0:00)
Scot Haney was offered three options for the topic of conversation, but wound up overruled so Chaz and AJ could talk about the foot comparison photo on their Facebook page. (7:47)
Emma in Wallingford started Fun Fact Friday with info about toe wrestling, then new intern Elfie revealed the official count on how many times AJ said the words "right" and "exactly." Hilario was the last caller in, and completely blew everyone's mind with a fact about the universe. (19:57)
The Flubble Montage. This week, as a small prank on AJ, the montage was exclusively flubbles that AJ made during the week. (26:32)
Boss Keith was in for his Top 5 list, all about the terrible groups of people he experiences on a daily basis. (36:43)