Kieran Nicholls & James Hennessy - The Biggest Brand Building Opportunity In 2021

May 22, 05:30 AM
In this episode I sit down and interview 2 lads that have been totally smashing it over the past 12 months.

Not only have they got a combined following of over 200k people across social media, but they have also started and scaled 4 businesses throughout one of the toughest periods in business we have seen for over a decade.

Throughout the episode we broke down a number of great subjects, including:

  • How to identify opportunities in business?

  • How to grow a brand at speed, not just personal but business also?

  • The biggest opportunity online right now.

  • How both Kieran and James have scaled their brands throughout a global pandemic.

  • The traits that they believe have got them to where they are today and how you as a listener can leverage this.

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