Breaking Ground: Michael Chendorain & Bean Beanland

May 24, 09:57 AM
In the second episode of Breaking Ground, Steve Hadley (Chair of the Federation of Piling Specialists and Managing Director of Central Piling) is joined by Michael Chendorain (Associate Director at Arup and Global Lead for Geothermal and Ground Water Engineering) and Bean Beanland (Principal Consultant at BBH Energy and Director of the Heat Pump Federation).
The discussion in this episode focuses around geothermal energy in the United Kingdom, starting with how it has been used throughout history (for example, with the Romans harvesting it in Bath) and then moving on to what's happening now and then how the geothermal energy landscape could look in the future.

People don't necessarily think about the UK as a geothermal place, but there is a lot of opportunity to develop ground energy systems. Geothermal could have some practical and financial benefits, but also it could help to reduce carbon footprint - it's got to be sunny for solar, it's got to be windy for wind, but from a ground source perspective the UK is very well suited to harvest ground energy on a bigger scale.

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