The School of Broadcasting | Mixtape 1

May 24, 2021, 01:46 PM

A mixtape of sounds produced by the first cohort of participants in The School of Broadcasting – who were mentored by RESOLVE Collective –documents the process with all its failures, diversions, joyful manifestations and frustrations. Assembled by producer Kitty Turner.

RESOLVE Collective’s \\\ INTERFERENCE, INTERRUPTION workshop sessions for The School of Broadcasting looked at the remote co-design of DIY instruments for ‘urban listening’ and ‘urban transmission’ and a collective mapping of different communities in Sheffield by locating and collating their sonic sense of place. Project influences spanned London’s 90’s Pirate Radio culture, Caribbean diasporic oral traditions and the gabinetes fonográficos of fin-de-siècle Spain, among others.

Through a process of co-learning, the group of around thirty participants from across the UK addressed the questions: what happens when we own the means of production when it comes to sound? How can we build, exchange and circulate such means today?

RESOLVE sent participants kits for building their own DIY phonographs in the post, in the attempt to collectively capture the materiality of sound and reclaim ownership over its means of production. A mixtape of sounds produced by the participants and assembled by producer Kitty Turner documents the process with all its failures, diversions, joyful manifestations and frustrations.


Summer Akhtar, Michael Ajijola, Steven Allen, Anja Borowicz-Richardson, Peter Brooks, Rosie Burslem, Mel Davies, Tuna El-salihie, Fe, Oliver Getley, Holly Graham, Clara Hancock, Jenny Handley, Quincy Haynes, Catherine Herbert, Alex Hoggett, Philip Lee, Toby Kilby-Pollard, Mengfei Liu, Olivia Lopez, Katie Matthews, Samra Mayanja, Tyler Mellins, Alisa Oleva, Andy Owen Cook, Lorenzo Prati, Pablo Rubio Alonso, Nastassja Simensky, Ella Skinner, Sian Williams, Charlotte West

Produced by Kitty Turner.
Sound design by Lori E Allen.
Graphic Design by An Endless Supply.

Radio Arts Catalyst is supported by Arts Council England with Art Fund and Sheffield Church Burgesses Trust.