The School of Broadcasting | Mixtape 2

May 24, 2021, 02:03 PM

This mixtape emerged from a series of workshops exploring the healing properties and possibilities of sound.

Drawing on frequency, rhythm and sound healing, artist Evan Ifekoya hosted a series of four workshop sessions that aimed to bring the focus back to the body, addressing the questions: How does sound help us develop a greater awareness of our interior self? And what might this heightened awareness do for the collective? 

Through practices of listening, reading and vocalising together, the group investigated the healing properties and possibilities of sound.

The emerging mixtape resonates with the knowledges and practices shared during the sessions, bringing together participants’ contributions in a collectively realised sonic landscape.

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(in order of appearance in the piece)
Freya Shaw, Ratiba Ayadi, Yen Chun Lin, Antonia Luxem, Rosie Stephens, Rhona Eve Clews, Marina Georgiou 

Produced by Kitty Turner.
Sound design by Lori E Allen.
Graphic Design by An Endless Supply.

Radio Arts Catalyst is supported by Arts Council England with Art Fund and Sheffield Church Burgesses Trust.