Monday, May 24: The Latest On Legal Marijuana In Connecticut; Dumb Ass News

May 24, 03:45 PM

Last week, Governor Lamont was on the phone to talk about the progress on legalizing marijuana, and admitted it's not a done deal. He named Vincent Candelora as one of the guys holding it up, so he was on this morning to explain why. (0:00)
Chaz and AJ turned to Nicole Klarides-Ditria next, as they were told she might have more information about the legal weed bill, and the names of folks who are not voting for it. (8:19)
Finally, one of the co-sponsors of the legal weed bill, Josh Elliott called in to shed some more light on the details of the bill, and which of those are holding things up. (13:27)
Dumb Ass News - A guy was ratted out by his neighbors, after they heard him fart on his front porch from across the street. His own video security system caught the whole ordeal, and the Tribe noticed the fart sound happened to sync up perfectly with a Van Halen song. (21:14)

Image Credit: Ivan-balvan / iStock / Getty Images Plus