Ignite Your Soul With My Book, Soul Ignition

Season 2,   May 25, 2021, 12:15 AM

 My book, Soul Ignition, is available for pre-order NOW!!! (https://bit.ly/soulignitionpresale)
What is Soul Ignition all about you ask??? 
Soul Ignition is my debut poetry collection!! Soul Ignition is more than just a collection of inspirational poems. It’s a book full of intellectual prompts, affirmations, and more that will truly ignite your soul and build up the confidence, better yet the GODfidence, you need to  become the greatest version of YOU in your 9 to 5 career, business, and overall life journey.

Click the link below to secure your copy and all the pre-order perks:

Pre-Order perks include:
1.  Free shipping!! (this only applies to listeners within the U.S.)
2.  Free affirmation bookmark!!
3.  Autographed copy of Soul Ignition!!(this only applies to listeners within the U.S.)
4. Complimentary raffle entry for $50 visa gift card. Winner will be announced at Soul Ignition book launch party!!
5. Free admission to pre-screening of debut poetic creation video!! 

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By Crystal Williams

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