Tuesday, May 25: The Guy Who Returned A Thrown Out $1M Lottery Ticket; Will A Volcano Erupt In The U.S.?; Tribe Snoring Problems

May 25, 2021, 05:21 PM

Denise called in to share a story about finding and returning some lost money, but a sound in the background of her call confused and distracted everybody. (0:00)
Abhi Shah was on the phone to share his side of the now viral story, of the $1 million lottery ticket. He was told to throw it away, but tested it for a second chance prize, and wound up returning it to the original winner. (3:42)
Nick the science guy was on to explain the recent rash of volcanoes erupting, and how we can prepare ourselves in case it happens here in the USA. Plus, what is the "super flower blood moon," and how can you see it tonight? (14:09)
Dr. Sina was on to help the Tribe with snoring issues, and tried to identify the problem with Chaz based on an old clip. (22:32)
New intern "Elfie" admitted off the air that he used to sing in choir, so Chaz and AJ had him showcase his singing voice. (26:27)

Image Credit: Michael Burrell / iStock / Getty Images Plus