How to nourish the bodies and souls of a community with Prasuna and Mouji

Episode 5,   May 25, 2021, 10:40 PM

In this episode you will get to listen stories about,
  •  advantages and disadvantages from community life,
  • mum and daughter venturing in business together,
  • a feminine linage sharing her dreams to the world,
  • the creation of a unique style for a restaurant,
  • creating a supportive working team, 
  • sustainability,
  • organic food and in site vegetable gardens,
  • secrets to light and tasty food,
  • nourishment for the soul through art and music,
  • self nourishment practices,
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Where to find Mouji and Prasuna,
at Paloma Restaurant, Ibiza, IG,

Where to find Ibiza Refuge for Dreamers,
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Music of Triler by Matheos Ulrich.

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