05/26/2021 Wake Up Call Hour 2

May 26, 03:32 PM
The Good The Bad The Dumb...though the #Dodgers fans taking over #MinuteMaidPark may be awesome to Ronn, it might not be for the rest of the nation, so #PhilipRivers beginning his new career in his father's footsteps kicks off the segment; #NYC Mayor #BilldeBlasio trying to be a #Knicks fan is cringe at best; a woman jumps into a spider monkey exhibit at the #ElPasoZoo
Tony & Ronn have a fun stroll down memory lane talking about #BigLeagueChew and the real reason why they bought it as kids
Guest: Covering the #NBA for The Athletic's and favorite guest of the show, Leigh Ellis joins the guys to talk all things #NBAPlayoffs.