The Longest Battle with Tom Skelton

May 31, 07:00 PM
In The Longest battle Emma Martins chats with people who have gone through a similar life changing situation to her own when Emma caught a virus in 2013 which completely changed her life for ever. 

The virus that Emma caught in Vietnam caused a brain aneurysm which in turn has severely affected Emma’s eyesight.

In today's The Longest Battle Emma is chatting with stand up Comedian Tom Skelton who in 2009 started to lose some of his sight due to a hereditary eye condition.

As a stand up comedian  Tom has traveled up to Edinburgh to perform at the Fringe festival both before losing his sight and afterwards.

In The Longest battle with Tom Skelton, Emma chats with Tom about how his visual impairment may have affected his comedy, getting around Edinburgh during the fringe as a visually impaired person, all about his  Edinburgh shows and how much his visual impairment may or may have not affected his comedy and finally what advice Tom might give to someone else going through a similar life changing situation.

If you would like to know more about how Emma has coped with her own longest battle, do visit Emma's website

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