Scottie Nell Hughes

Episode 65,   May 29, 2021, 10:00 AM

Clay welcomes conservative RT host Scottie Nell Hughes to take on Trump and Biden’s COVID response, how media and fear are driving us apart, and what it would take to bring our country back together...

Clay is joined by conservative and RT host Scottie Nell Hughes to look at what’s been happening in our country since the 2020 election and if Trump or Biden was fully up to the task of handling the Covid crisis.  Were both parties incapable of living up to the challenge?  An atmosphere of fear, alienation, and hopelessness seem to have taken over the country no matter which party you support (or which party wing).  So how do we break out of our malaise and focus on what matters?  Maybe all it takes is knowing that we want the best for each other even if we disagree...
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