Jonny Bradley - The Journey To Building An Amazon Empire!

Episode 28,  May 29, 02:22 PM

In this episode of Straight To The Point we welcome Jonny Bradley. A serial entrepreneur, Amazon specialist, Youtuber and Ecommerce business owner.

I've been getting to know Jonny for a number of months now and I was able to leverage that to get some absolute gold for you in this episode.

We dove deep into:
- How Jonny started and built a 7 figure brand on Amazon,

- How Jonny got started with building his brand, and where he believes your attention should be spent in todays world.

- With over 63k followers on Instagram and 40k subscribers on YouTube.

This is one not to be missed!

If you wish to connect with Jonny then his social details are below:

Instagram -
YouTube -

If you have any questions then obviously remember to drop me a direct message. I respond to every one:

See you on the other side.