Episode 94 " The Hot One!"

Season 5, Episode 7,  Jun 02, 2021, 04:03 AM

Episode 7 of season 5

Welcome to another edition of the Ninja Please Podcast. 
we open up this special edition up with a Hot One's Sauce and wing review. Makyo metal was kind enough to get the latest pack of Hot ones sources and cook up some wings for the crew. all through this pod we will be reviewing and reacting between segments. Enjoy 
1 Garlic N Peperoncini  
Followed by J pop akb48 cooked up a cover cocktail for their concert and medical professionals say it pretty much does nothing. 
We use this to propel us into a conversation about the Covid VS The Olympics . stay tuned. 
We also talk CWs new slate of Shows coming soon. 
2. The Classic & (00:25:00) 3. Marks Montreal Barbados style sauce. 
Drake Wins Artist of The Decade and Pusha T trends.
J. Cole gets flamed and defended on his Basketball dreams. 
We talk could a robot cook Collard Greens? 
  1. Devils Blend Hellfire  (roasted Reaper) review at the 44-minute mark.
WB didn’t understand Justice League’s Flash Time Travel scene. 
Rumor has it Zach Snyder may make a move to Marvel (00:45:47) 
5 . Los Clients Hot sauce 
we also pair beer with the sauces 
The Powderpuff girls should have never been rebooted into live-action , we say this after news comes after the reboot was rebooted. 
we talk MODOK now that Starman has caught up 
6. Tears of The Sun
Future has been trying to tell us about Larza Pippen for a while now and we even got DS2 from the encounter. 
here is an article from DJ booth on the most toxic future albums. 
(01:21:00) 7. The Honey Badger The hotness kicks in …. 
8 . THE BOMB (starman likes the Bomb after a 3rd tasting)
Leaked emails show that the Citizen app is planning on releasing a private security force. and starman gives an embarrassing tale of almost catfishing. 
(01:42:22) 9. The eye of The scorpion (01:51:30) 10. The Last Dab: Apollo !!! The hottest sauce of the season 10/10 of hotness 

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