Diabetes Awareness Week 2021

Jun 14, 09:00 AM
As it is Diabetes Awareness Week this week, we thought it would be a good time to check in with Diabetes UK to find out what is happening this week, learn a bit more about the condition and highlight some of the support that is on offer from Diabetes UK.

Connect Radio’s Toby Davey caught up with Douglas Twenefour, Deputy Head of Care at Diabetes UK to find out more about Diabetes Awareness Week 2021 and much more besides.
Douglas outlined what Diabetes is, the different types of Diabetes and what are the main symptoms that people should be looking out for.

Douglas also talks about the links between sight loss and diabetes, what is happening during Diabetes Awareness Week 2021 and some of the support services from Diabetes UK. 

For more details about Diabetes Awareness Week 2021 as well as help and support from Diabetes UK do visit - 
https://www.diabetes.org.uk or call their helpline on 0345 123 2399

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