Your Chance to Shape the Future of Eye Care Services at Moorfields Eye Hospital in London

Jun 04, 09:00 AM
Moorfields Eye Hospital in London is calling out for patient stories on the eye care services they have received from Moorfields over the last year or so during the Covid pandemic to shape the future of eye care services.

Connect Radio’s Toby Davey caught up with Mark Redhead and Irenie Ekkeshis from Moorfields to find out more.

Mark began by talking about the changes that Moorfields have made over the last year or so to continue to provide eye care services to patients in a Covid safe way and how the hospital will use the feedback from patient stories to shape the future of eye care at Moorfields.

Irenie outlined some of the key points that patients have already fed back so far to Moorfields through their patient stories and how the process of giving feedback has been made as accessible as possible.

If you would like to give feedback to Moorfields on your experiences of eye care services from the hospital over the last year or so through your own patient story please do either visit the Moorfields website and type ‘Future’ in the search field - or use the short website link to go straight to the feedback form.
You can also call Moorfields on 020 7521 4661 and if you leave your phone number someone will call you back.

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