Sarah Poynton Ryan - Creating A Million Pound Brand In 12 Months!

Jun 03, 05:00 AM
In this episode of Straight To The Point we welcome Sarah Poynton-Ryan. A property investor, mentor, serial entrepreneur and one of my amazing business partners..

I've known Sarah for nearly 2 years now. She's had one amazing business journey, and in this episode we discuss the up's and downs of entrepreneurship and how she has managed to generate over a million pounds in revenue from a product that didn't even exist 18 months ago.

Throughout our chat we dove deep into:

- How Sarah built her multi million pound empire.

- How Sarah kept going when things got real tough for her.

- Top tactics and strategies to overcome the fear of selling. How she is mastered the art of listening and problem solving to scale at speed.

This is one not to be missed!

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See you on the other side.