What Are Blogs And Can They Influence?

Episode 858,  Jul 06, 09:30 AM

From today, here on RNIB Connect Radio you will have a chance to hear 'The Blind Truth' with Chair of RNIB, Anna Tylor.

In 'The Blind Truth, Anna takes a wry look at living a colourful life with limited sight. She tackles everything from navigating public transport to dealing with well-meaning busybodies, to her love of chainsaws. 

Our Allan Russell spoke with Anna to find out why she Blogs and what she hopes others will get from her views on everyday life as a blind person.

You can follow Anna's Blind Truth Blog by going to https://theblindtruth.co.uk/ and if you like your social media, then follow Anna @AnnaMTylor 

Catch 'The Blind Truth' on RNIB Connect Radio every Tuesday and Thursday from 11am and from 5 pm, or listen to the podcast on Audioboom or through your favourite podcast provider.

Image: Anna Tylor, Chair of RNIB