Building Unicorns Podcast: VC activity slowed down in May due to second COVID-19 wave, says Venture Intelligence founder

Jun 03, 02:44 PM
In CNBC-TV18's Building Unicorns Podcast series, we have so far hosted founders of billion dollar companies, but in this episode we decided to speak to someone who closely monitors valuations and deals in the sector via Venture Intelligence.
Arun Natarajan, founder of Venture Intelligence, shares insights of the intelligence platform's Unicorn Tracker. He said that 15 new unicorns were added so far this year compared to nine unicorns in 2020.
Speaking to CNBC-TV18's Mugdha Variyar, Natarajan digs into the rise of numerous startups in the B2B space and revealed that VC activity slowed down due in the month of May, due to the second wave of COVID-19.