Meet the i4 and iX - Two New Electric BMWs | 03 June 2021

Jun 03, 11:00 AM

Today’s big EV stories: • BMW ix – 300 miles luxury SUV • BMW i4 – 300 miles competitior to Model 3, Kia EV6, Polestar and more • 200kW charging • M-Badged ‘hot’ versions from launch

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Today we have two new all electric BMW's to tell you about.
BMW’s iX - 300 miles for $83,200
"The German automaker has just announced that when it goes on sale early next year, the new EV’s suggested price tag will exceed $80,000. That puts the iX squarely in Tesla Model X territory and leaves open the possibility that it may dethrone Elon Musk’s falcon-winged EV as the luxury SUV of choice for consumers. It will also compete with the Audi E-tron, Jaguar I-Pace, and Mercedes EQC when it eventually hits dealerships in the first quarter of 2022." says The Verge: "According to BMW, the iX will start at $83,200 for the iX xDrive 50 when preorders for the SUV begin in the middle of the year. That sum will get you an electric all-wheel drive motor configuration capable of putting out 516 horsepower for a 0–62mph sprint in 4.6 seconds. BMW says the iX will have an estimated range of around 300 miles based on the EPA’s testing model.  BMW is planning a more powerful iX M60 model for the future, with over 600 horsepower and the first all-electric SUV from BMW M.  The BMW iX xDrive50’s fifth-generation eDrive platform uses a 400-volt battery pack with a gross energy content of 111.5kWh and a net energy content of 106.3kWh."
"The iX is capable of charging at up to 200 kW via a DC fast charger, and BMW says it should be able to gain up to 90 miles of range in 10 minutes at top charging speed. Filling the battery from 10 to 80 percent should take fewer than 40 minutes on the same fast charger." according to Inverse: "BMW is also partnering with the EVgo charging network to see charger and account status in within the BMW mobile app and iX buyers will get $100 in EVgo charging credit."
" The iX xDrive 40 with 240 kW output will be available in Germany at prices starting at 77,300 euros, the iX xDrive 50 with 385 kW starts at 98,000 euros. In the USA, prices start at $83,200 plus $995 Destination, while the UK prices start at £69,905 OTR. The US market launch will also take place in 2022, unlike the UK’s November launch." writes " The high-voltage storage system in the 40 has a net capacity of 71 kWh and a gross capacity of 76.6 kWh. What is interesting about the batteries, is that BMW not only states the maximum charging power (200 kW for the large battery and 150 kW for the small battery) but also publishes detailed charging curves."
Larger battery average of 126kW from 10-80%, or 35 mins, and smaller battery average of 96kW 10-80% or 31mins.
Max regen is 208kW and 164kW respectively.
5th generation power train technology.
Top speed limited to 200km/h.
Towing is 2,500kg, 250 more than a Model X. 
BMW iX vs. Cadillac Lyriq, E-Tron, Mach-E and Model Y
"All five vehicles utilize lithium-ion batteries in their floors, but everything beyond that is different. BMW's iX claims 300 miles of range from its 106.3 kWh (that's usable capacity, mind you) battery pack. At 100 kW, the Lyriq's battery capacity is large, though not the largest, but that curb weight comes home to roost in the Cadillac's estimated mileage, which GM figures is also roundabout 300 miles. Tesla, on the other hands, does more with less, its 75-kWh battery pack enabling a range of 326 miles in the Long Range variant -- being 1,200 pounds lighter has its benefits." writes "BMW's iX leaves all these other electric SUVs in the dust with a combined power output from its dual motors of 516 horsepower and 568 pound-feet of torque."
BMW i4
Summing up the importance of this car, engadget says: "As BMW's electrified 4 Series model, the i4 will be a linchpin for the company's electric future, running on the same eDrive EV platform as the iX. "
"BMW i4 is the fully-electric version of the 4 Series Gran Coupe, but it has rather good specs for an electric car built on repurposed ICE vehicle underpinnings. In the United States, the i4 electric hatchback will be sold in two distinct trims, as a lower-powered rear-wheel drive variant, and a more powerful all-wheel drive model." says InsideEVs: "the i4 eDrive 40, which gets a single 335 horsepower rear-mounted electrically excited synchronous motor whose peak torque is 317 pound-feet (430 Nm). It sprints to 100 km/h (62 mph) in 5.7 seconds and its top speed is 118 mph (190 km/h).  This will be the longest-range i4, with an expected EPA range of around 300 miles on a single charge, and a starting price of $55,400. The more powerful i4 M50 will be the performance driver’s choice, with all-wheel drive and a combined power output of 536 horsepower. BMW claims it sprints to 100 km/h (62 mph) in 3.9 seconds and its top speed is higher than the eDrive 40’s, 140 mph (225 km/h). The EPA range that BMW is expecting this model to achieve is a more conservative 240 miles and its starting price is $65,900"
On the heat pump BMW said: "At extremely low ambient temperatures, the heat pump is assisted by a pair of powerful continuous-flow heaters offering 9 kW of heating power each. This ensures that thermal comfort on a par with conventionally powered BMW models can be provided very efficiently in any situation. The latest version of the heat pump makes use of ambient heat and heat from dehumidification – as well as the waste heat from the motors – for energy-efficient operation."
"Instead of BMW’s current driver’s display and iDrive screen setup, BMW has now combined both into on giant panel, with two separate digital screens built in. The driver’s display looks similar to the gauges you’ll see in any other current Bimmer but it features more futuristic graphics, a bit more customization, and a cleaner design. While the new iDrive system is a complete overhaul, featuring an entirely new UI, added functionality, fantastic looking graphics, and a revised menu system." according to BMWblog: "BMW added Apple and Google Maps to the head-up display.  The hatchback is a feature that all 4 Series Gran Coupe customers love and one of the main reasons they choose it over the 3 Series.  Both cars get an 81.5 kWh net-energy battery pack (f 83.9 kWh gross) that’s as sustainable as absolutely possible. The high-voltage battery in the i4 is comprised of four modules with 72 cells each and three 12-cell modules. The i4 can charge at up to 200 kW, with a compatible DC fast charger. At that speed, the BMW i4 40 can recharge 102 miles of range in just ten minutes"

Also: dynamic air suspension, 18-20" wheels, acoustic glazing, Harmon Kardon sound with 16 speakers, autonomous LKA up to 125mph.

BMW i4 Prototype Drive
"Mid-size saloons are where BMW’s customer base has resided traditionally, so the fully-electric i4 has the chance to attract a significant proportion of the marque’s buyers to zero-emission motoring. In the M50 variant, one thing is immediately clear: this is an EV made for keen drivers. The i4 appeals with astonishing steering precision and smooth handling, and despite the two-tonne weight there’s relatively little body roll. The ultra-low centre of gravity comes into play here; it’s actually 53mm lower than in the 3 Series." says AutoExpress: "The entire underside of the car is faired in for maximum aerodynamic efficiency, and since there’s no exhaust to deal with, the large diffuser makes use of all of the rear bumper space it can."

electrive notes UK pricing: "BMW also named the prices for the two variants of the i4. The i4 eDrive 40 will be listed at prices starting at £51,905 OTR. As the vehicle costs more than the £35,000 maximum eligibility for the plug-in car grant, this means i4 drivers in the UK will have to do without the government grant. The i4 M50 will start at £63,905, while the market launch for both versions of the i4 will begin in November 2021."
In the U.S. it starting at $56,395 (including destination charges) for the rear-wheel-drive eDrive40 models and $66,895 for the more powerful AWD M50.

Also, U.S. federal tax credit.

BMW i4 vs Tesla Model 3
"The i4’s dimensions, as we noted previously, are remarkably close to the Model 3 in every direction. It is 188.3 inches long, 72.9 inches wide, and 57.0 inches high with a wheelbase of 112.8 inches. The Model 3 is shorter at 184.8 inches, but its width (72.8 inches), height (56.8 inches), and wheelbase (113.2 inches) are all within half an inch of the new BMW. The i4 looks noticeably longer than the Model 3, in part due to its sleeker styling versus the Model 3’s bubble-shaped greenhouse even if the two are very close in height. " reports Brian Wong from Green Car Reports: "I only had a chance to play with the setup for a few minutes, but it felt ready for primetime. Responses were instantaneous, the menu structure is intuitive, and it’s fair to assume it will carry over some of iDrive 7’s most useful features, like wireless Android Auto/Apple CarPlay and a voice command assistant that is actually helpful. Whether or not you prefer this more traditional look and feel compared to the Model 3’s single screen, highly minimalistic approach is a matter of personal preference. "
0-60mph, MOdel 3 Perf is 3.1 vs 3.9 sec here.

BMW i4 vs. Kia EV6, Polestar 2 and Tesla Model 3
CNET has also done one of their comparisons here too: "Every i4 will use an 83.9-kilowatt-hour battery. Official range figures aren't yet available, but BMW estimates the i4 M50 will have an EPA rating of 245 miles (the single-motor i4 eDrive40 should do a bit better, around 300 miles). Kia doesn't have EV6 GT range estimates right now, and the M50 is expected to last a little longer than the 232-mile Polestar 2. The Tesla Model 3 Performance, meanwhile, is EPA-rated at 315 miles. Real quick, a note about charging. The Kia EV6 has a major advantage by way of its 800-volt architecture. Kia says the EV6 can take in about 70 miles' worth of range in about 5 minutes, which is seriously impressive. BMW, meanwhile, maxes out at 90 miles' worth of range in about 30 minutes."


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