Sadia Azmat

Season 3, Episode 3,   Jun 06, 2021, 12:45 PM

My guest this episode is Sadia Azmat, the brilliant and critically-acclaimed comedian, writer, producer, and podcaster. From reaching the final of Funny Women only 15 months after starting standup, her debut show ‘Please Hold - You’re Being Transferred To A UK Based Asian Representative’ was featured on BBC Front Row, followed up by her nationally-toured 2014 show ‘I Am Not Malala’. In 2018, she co-created the landmark (and Apple’s ‘Top Pick’) BBC Sounds podcast series 'No Country For Young Women', which she hosted alongside Monty Onanuga for its four seasons. And, as you’ll hear, in the days running up to the recording of this episode, it was announced she would be publishing her first memoir and has just been hired as the newest BBC Comedy Producer. Among so many other things, we talk about making BBC Podcast history (in two ways), writing memoirs vs standup routines, and being inspired by both the dark poetry of Bill Hicks and the interviewing style of Larry King.