Mysteries and Monsters: Episode 89 Demonology with Nathaniel Gillis

Oct 05, 2020, 07:00 AM

This week, it's another subject new to Mysteries and Monsters, modern Demonology. We often think of demonology based primarily in the parameters of what we have been told by pop culture, religious dogma and televisual bias. Nathaniel Gillis is here to pull down the walls of what we believe, or certainly what we believe and why we believe what we have been told. Nathan is an author, lecturer and Religious Demonologist.

Nathan found himself drawn into the world of darkness when encountering a ghost whilst on a house viewing with his parents, but he began to question why we were not adapting to the hauntings and primarily in the role of demonic possession. Why was religion not adapting to these demons? Why were demons still appearing? Where had they come from? Why are they so religiously ignorant? It was these questions that led Nathan to take a very different view on what demons actually are and how we need to deal with these entities? Nathan's website can be found here: A big thank you to Nathan for joining me and perhaps you may need the light on for this particular episode! As some of you may know who follow the show on social media, I ended up being hospitalised with a severe blood infection, which saw me having to receive emergency treatment. Thankfully, I received some fabulous treatment at my local hospital and am making a full recovery but it was a little scary, I have to say. Thank you to everyone who sent me a message and I appreciate your kindness!

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