Mysteries and Monsters: Episode 48: Phantom Hitchhikers with Dr Robert Gandy

Jan 13, 2020, 07:46 PM

This week, we return to the Paranormal with Dr Robert Gandy as we discuss one of my favourite ghostly subjects, Phantom Hitchhikers. Stories of these ghostly figures span the globe, from the USA, to the UK  and South Africa and beyond. We talk through some of the UK's most unusual and peculiar cases and Dr Gandy discusses his interviews with witnesses throughout the years. We also touch on some well known urban myths. We cover plenty of cases, but here's some links below in case you want to know more about anything we mention: Rob Fulton case: The Ghost of BlueBell Hill:

The Ghosts of Stocksbridge Bypass:

The Ghost of Ormskirk:

Stockport Hitchhiking Ghost: The Ghost in Scunthorpe: Ghost of Lincolnshire: If you've had a similiar encounter,you can email Dr Gandy at 

Thanks for joining us Dr Gandy.

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