Wednesday, June 9: Legal Marijuana Hits A Snag; Tribe Big Family Stories; Movies So Bad You Walked Out

Jun 09, 04:47 PM
The legal weed bill has hit a snag. Everything seemed so promising yesterday, so what happened? Chaz and AJ talk about the single addition that may have killed the bill for this session. (0:00)
A woman in South Africa gave birth to ten babies, all at once. Chaz and AJ wanted to know a little about what it's like to live in a big family, so they asked the Tribe to call in and share their experiences. Holly's family needed a school bus just to drive everyone around, and Flo admitted that sometimes she would have to eat grass, since there was not always enough food. (11:27)
Movie critic Joe Meyers called in the Top 5 movies that were so bad, he walked out on them. Joe's first movie was very recent, and Chaz was shocked he missed it when it was happening. (33:20)
Dumb Ass News - Maybe the worst choir boy ever? But even more strange, the audio seemed to match perfectly with something that happened on the show two hours earlier. (43:22)

Image Credit: Lumppini / iStock / Getty Images Plus