Cheap Things That Make Me Happy & the Hilarious Rabbit-hole of Click Bait Articles

Season 4, Episode 330,   Jun 10, 2021, 01:59 AM

Kathleen is serving up a cheerful listicle about 10 insanely cheap things that make her insanely happy! You know that feeling when you finally pee after having to pee forever? IT'S THE BEST FEELING IN THE WORLD. Then, Bethany falls down the magical, robotically punny rabbit-hole of clickbait articles. Why do serious websites have crap click-bait content at the bottom of their pages? Mysteries of the universe! *Shrug* Get all this premium content and more from Bethany and Kathleen on the latest episode of Acquired Taste.

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What We Talked About:

Buy Nothing Groups
High School The Musical The Musical The Series
The Conjuring 3 - The Devil Made Me Do It
Dyson products curated paint. 

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