Red Cross Hurricane Preparedness - MOVIA Robotics - Norwalk Health Dept WinWinWin

Jun 13, 12:15 PM

We're going to help you get prepped for the 2021 Hurricane Season with a representative of the American Red Cross — providing tips on how to stay safe and sound during a hurricane or other disaster, cluing you in on how to be a Red Cross volunteer, and why it's so important for blood donors to support the thousands of folks undergoing cancer treatments this June.

Then we'll meet a principle with MOVIA Robotics - a Connecticut company that is doing groundbreaking work matching up kids and students on the autism spectrum with robots that are helping improve their social, emotional, and academic progress.

And we're closing with the Norwalk Health Dept that has been doing heroic work throughout the pandemic while maintaining other critical public health programs including a successful WinWinWin campaign connecting young people with the HPV vaccine.