Episode 7 - Vic Godard

Episode 7,   Jun 14, 2021, 11:00 PM

For Episode 7, Mik sits down and chats with Vic Godard - singer and songwriter formerly of Punk band Subway Sect!

Vic Godard is a singer and songwriter formerly of Punk band, Subway Sect. They formed in in 1976 after a suggestion from Sex Pistols manager Malcolm McLaren, going on to release music on Rough Trade records. After various re-incarnations and labels, Vic retired from music in the mid-eighties and became a postman. In the 1990’s Vic returned to music and has continued to be a creative artist releasing a 30 Odd Years box set on GNU records.

Mik and Vic sat down together last summer and chatted about F.C United of Manchester, the trouble with drummers, touring with The Clash, being a postman for 30 years - along with lots of other things!

The lads finished off their chat with a long game of table tennis!

Vic has a new album called ‘Moments Like These’ which was due for release in November, so check out his socials to find out where to get your hands on it!

Vic's socials:
Twitter: @vic_godard
Bandcamp : Gnuinc
P.s There is a little bit of background noise on the recording (but we think it adds to the atmosphere!)