Tuesday, June 15: The War On Leaf Blowers; Attorney Norm Pattis; The Tribe Member Who Knows The Guy Swallowed By A Whale

Jun 15, 04:17 PM
Chaz and AJ invited Tribe member Gabriella on this morning to share the story of Roger and Bubb. Roger is a homeless man with no family, only his dog, Bubb. Over the weekend, they were both stabbed. Gabriella helped get Bubb to the vet, and they will both be OK, but clearly could use a lot of help right now. (0:00)
The war on leaf blowers is here. Dan is a landscaper that has moved to all electric leaf blowers, since the gas-powered machines can cause hearing loss and are terrible for the environment. (10:15)
Dumb Ass News - A fetish performer needed to call the fire department, when she couldn't get herself unstuck from a metal chair. (26:21)
Chaz and AJ's first, real, in-studio guest since the first week of March 2020 was in today. Attorney Norm Pattis talked as much as he could about the Fotis Dulos TV special, and why he absolutely refused to watch it. (32:23)
Matt the fisherman was on to talk about his friend Mike, the guy everyone is making fun of for saying he was swallowed by a whale. Matt has never known Mike to be a liar, and explained some of the details that were missing from news coverage that would help explain how it went down just like Mike said it did. (40:10)
Eliot Lewis has performed with everyone from Hall & Oates, to Elton John, the Who, Peter Frampton and so much more. He was on to talk about joining Daryl Hall for some episodes of "Live from Daryl's House," including the episode when Kenny Loggins showed up. (55:46)

Image Credit: Vaivirga / iStock / Getty Images Plus