Wednesday, June 16: Foot Fetish Explained; The Most Disturbing Movie Scenes; Eliot Lewis Returns

Jun 16, 03:49 PM
Adam the sock guy was on the phone to explain his foot fetish, and answer some personal questions about how he enjoys the used socks (including Ashley's) he's acquired. Then, a Tribe member called in to share what he's learned about the Bob Ross fetish some women share. (0:00)
Joe Meyers the movie critic had a list of movie scenes that really affected him. Joe narrowed his list down by listing the scenes so disturbing, it prevented him from enjoying the movie a second time. (16:28)
Eliot Lewis was on again to talk about performing on "Live From Daryl's House," since he has been on every single episode.  He focused mainly on the performances with Kenny Loggins and Billy Gibbons. (36:09)

Image Credit: Patrick Daxenbichler / iStock / Getty Images Plus