17 | Galactic Conversations with Alex Malorodov: Timelines and non-linearity

Jun 17, 03:35 AM
In this episode, we delve into the world of time travel and what it means to shift timelines. Through unlocking and mastering these powerful codes, you get to bend time to hyper-charge your growth journey. 

We also take you through a couple of powerful activations where we connect you with your own wizard frequency and shift you into a reality you have never experienced. You will also learn important keys to a higher-dimensional manifestation that 99% of people are unaware of. 

May you receive from your heart centre, residing fully in your sovereignty!

Alex is a powerful intuitive ascension mentor! Find more information about Alex and his work:

This episode covers:
  • What timelines are
  • How time works in the quantum
  • Accessing our most ascended timeline
  • Manifesting significant financial abundance
  • What is preventing you from living your best life now
  • Shifting timelines by allowing yourself to dream
  • How to close down lower timelines
  • Using energetic ‘levers’ to manifest in 3D reality 
  • Feeling instead of thinking manifestations into physicality
  • Creating space by clearing misaligned relationships
  • Time travel and how to reprogram the past
  • Guided activations to shift you to a new reality now

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