Make a good thing for your life and for somebody else's life

Jun 17, 2021, 09:19 AM

Doi Saket Temple, Thailand recorded by Alex Boyesen. 

"Doi Saket temple is situated on top of a steep hill in a small country town called ....Doi Saket! In the 15 years I have been here it has changed from a quiet backwater to a bustling market town.  

"There are 3 Italian restaurants if you get bored with rice. Doi Saket is next to the A118 road which takes you directly to Chiang Rai and Mai Sai, also known as the Golden Triangle where Thailand, Myanmar and Laos meet."
The transcript of the interview with a local temple visitor that you can hear in the recording is as follows: 
“The temple it means a lot for the Thai Buddhists, even me because I’m a Buddist as well. 
Many times when I feel upset or I feel something is not right to my life, I have to go to temple because it means something to me - it means a lot sometimes. 
Normally offering the food to the monk, have a monk share it, or even doing meditation that could make me feel a lot better and also it makes me feel happy when you can do something for somebody else, you know, make a good thing for your life and for somebody else's life as well”. 

Part of the 5,000 Miles project in partnership with Ithaca Studio, an immersive 360-degree audio experience that transports you to another place through the evocative sounds of places 5,000 miles from the UK through spatial audio technology and ambisonic 3D recording. 

The project was an immersive live experience touring festivals in 2021, and is presented online via Cities and Memory at