Thursday, June 17: The Price Of Lumber Is Too High; The Legal Weed Special Session; Concert News

Jun 17, 05:23 PM
Why is lumber so expensive? Lumber guy Joe was on the phone with Chaz and AJ to explain the numerous occurrences that led to historically high prices for lumber. (0:00)
Vin Candelora was on to explain what it's been like inside the special session this week, as Connecticut continues to try and pass a bill legalizing marijuana. (15:18)
Jimmy Koplik fielded a number of questions from the Tribe about concerts coming to the new Amphitheater, XFINITY in Hartford, and more. (28:02)
A woman flipped out inside a McDonald's, because they wouldn't mix her slushie flavors together. (37:07)

Image Credit: SafakOguz / iStock / Getty Images Plus