Friday, June 18: Not-So-Great Dad Moments; Naked Skydiving; The Week In Flubbles

Jun 18, 2021, 05:38 PM

For Father's Day, Chaz and AJ decided to ask the Tribe to share the not-so-great moments of fatherhood. There were some lies about ice cream trucks, horror stories about puking infants, and one dad who used a Jersey barrier as an emergency bathroom. (0:00)

Dumb Ass News - A man in Nebraska has attempted to set a new world record for skydiving, while naked. (27:58)

Scot Haney has an engagement party to attend this weekend, and admitted that he feels obligated to give a big gift, since he is godfather to the groom. (35:20)

Legal weed has not yet come to Connecticut, but it sure sounded like Chaz and AJ (and Ashley and Phil) were all celebrating a little earlier in this week's flubble montage. (44:46)

Boss Keith's Top 5 is a helpful list of places you can road trip this summer, complete with restaurant recommendations and places you may be murdered. (48:23)

Image Credit: ChristinLola / iStock / Getty Images Plus