#SmallBusinessAmerica: Introducing the post-pandemic 5-hour workday. @GeneMarks @Guardian @PhillyInquirer

Jun 19, 02:07 AM
Photo:  1906 – strike for the eight working hours per day in France.
Legend on the banner atop the building:  "Starting on May 1, we'll work only eight hours." 

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#SmallBusinessAmerica: Introducing the post-pandemic 5-hour workday. @GeneMarks  @Guardian @PhillyInquirer




ABC Airbrush in Dalton, Ga., which decorates helmets at youth baseball and softball events, was closed for six months last year. Owner Lisa Holmes applied for a grant on Feb. 7, the week the program opened.

The SBA is supposed to deliver the money within 21 days, but Ms. Holmes didn’t receive her grant until May, roughly three months after she applied. “Seems like they’re moving along, just very slowly,” said Ms. Holmes. Trying to get answers about the status of her application was a full-time job, she said.

Ms. Guzman said SBA was working to meet the 21-day goa