Nicola Roberts - "Cinderella's Eyes" | 2000s Pop Music Podcast

Jun 21, 03:00 AM
Girls Aloud fans, maybe it's your Lucky Day? Your Right Back At Ya! boys are celebrating Nicola Roberts' iconic and critically-acclaimed "Cinderella's Eyes" album. This year marks 10 years since the #TeamGinge movement started with the dead edgeh 'Beat of My Drum', hemmed by Diplo. Honest, colourful and a bit cheeky. This remains one of the most exciting solo popstar breakout moments in our minds, with Nicola really flexing her songwriting and vocal chops while serving 'gritty London cool' in the visuals.

Joel and David revisit every detail of this incredible body of work from the album photoshoot, through to the fan-fave b-sides ('Disco, Blisters and a Comedown', anyone?) and Nic's performances at G-A-Y and T4 On The Beach. 

As they compare notes from David's pop music blog in the 2010s and the Harrod's Dainty Doll cosmetics counter, it is clear there is so much to L-O-V-E with this album that only gets better with age, featuring gems like 'Yo-Yo', 'Lucky Day', 'Porcelain Heart' and 'Gladiator'. Strap in and let's get on with the show-show-show-show-show!

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