Nightmares and Nibbles; the cheesy toe and glow stick episode!

Jun 20, 01:00 PM
For the curious who love immersive events, have missed going to them, organising them or creating them. This episode is for you. 
Take a listen as we converse cheesy toes, coughing up lungs and unique styling with glow sticks with actors Claire Cogan and Kathryn Hanke. Why? Well all in the name of a behind the scenes snoop of Nightmares and Nibbles; a theatrical dining experience concepted and produced in Coventry for The Old Grammar School which ran as an annual Halloween event 2017-2019 in which guests are welcomed to a laboratory to taste a darkly humorous body part buffet alongside experimental cocktail concoctions. So now you know what you are letting your ears in for the next 40 minutes.