Monday, June 21: Senator Blumenthal; $30 Bar Tab Leads To A Dozen Police Calls; Wolfgang Van Halen

Jun 21, 2021, 03:55 PM

Senator Blumenthal called in to talk about his boring Father's Day dinner, share his thoughts on legalized weed in Connecticut, and admitted he didn't know much about one band. (0:00)
Dumb Ass News - A $30 bar tab somehow convinced this idiot to call police a dozen times. Chaz and AJ had the news report covering the incident, and became distracted by a word used by the police. (12:48)
Jennifer called in to talk about her crazy morning, which started by finding a spider crawling around in a terrible place. (21:38)
Allie from the Ridgefield Playhouse was supposed to be in studio this morning to play the rider game, but decided to stay home when she felt sick. (25:52)
Chaz spoke to Wolfgang Van Halen about recording his new album, where he plays all of the instruments, and joining Guns N Roses on tour where he'll be opening. Chaz asked him about the passing of his father, and if he'd consider coming to play at the new amphitheater. (32:58)

Image Credit: Drew Carrano/WPLR