The elephant no longer in the room

Jun 22, 08:11 AM
Mike Parry and Lesley-Ann Jones get stuck into all the latest topics as Planet Porky returns.

Talking points include: Euro 2020, Princess Diana 'at 60', whether The Beatles would ever have reformed, Paul McCartney's houses, Joan Collins' interview with Piers Morgan, vacuum cleaners, the danger of E-Scooters, Maya Jama, cheating on very attractive partners, going back to an ex, the hunt for Porky's first love, jailbird fathers, being careful about wasting food, John Entwistle's desire to find hangover food, GB News, Roy Greenslade, the term 'head girl', whether it's the beginning of the end for gender specific schools, elephants no longer being kept in zoos, and the importance of species preservation. It's the survival of the fittest right here on Planet Porky!  

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