Can Britain ever build its own Silicon Valley?

Jun 23, 02:01 PM
A few weeks ago, a company called Darktrace - put together by computer programmers in London and Cambridge - floated on the London Stock Exchange. It was valued at over £2 billion. It’s a pretty good example of a British tech success - its shares surged by 44 per cent, in stark contrast to Deliveroo, a better-known name, whose flotation saw its shares sink by 26%. So what does Darktrace’s success tell us about Britain’s ability to nurture tech companies and floating them here in Britain, rather than sending them to America? 

Fraser Nelson speaks to the billionaire entrepreneur behind Darktrace, Mike Lynch, on this podcast. They talk about the true meaning of British tech, why America does it just so well, and whether we are seeing the beginnings of tech nationalism.

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