Service Course | Lizzy's return

Jun 24, 04:04 PM
In part one of this episode of Service Course, Lizzy Banks returns to the mic to tell Tom Whalley about her recent concussion, and the long road she has been taking to recovery.

After a crash at Strade Bianchi, Lizzy initially believed she was fine until the symptoms of her concussion started to become apparent, even then a few weeks later she thought she was fine and resumed training, but a series of setbacks and some debilitating symptoms have meant the path to a full recovery has not been straightforward.

With the Olympics out of the question, Lizzy has now set her sights on a return to racing before the end of the season. In part 2 Tom chats to Jason Smith, the creator of Driven, formerly known as Ceramic Speed Driven, a revolutionary and eye-catching redesign of the entire drive train that Jason believes could make the chain redundant.

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