Friday, June 25: The Week In Flubbles; Tribe Road Rage Stories; Household Hacks

Jun 25, 05:04 PM

This week's Flubble Montage was, once again, heavily AJ-centric. (0:00)
A LOT of traffic was reported on 84 this morning, from an apparent road rage situation that spun out of control. Chaz and AJ asked the Tribe to share their road rage stories. (3:36)
Comedian Kate Clancy was in studio, as Chaz and AJ played a news report that sounded very similar to a story from Plymouth, CT last year. 40 cows escaped a slaughter house and trampled through a neighborhood. (8:28)
Chaz and AJ were asked to share "household hacks" as a topic, but they were a little skeptical that it would be helpful. They debated the proper way to replace garbage bags, fold (or not) fitted sheets, and Jennifer called in to claim that Windex on granite countertops is OK (it is NOT.) (21:02)
Boss Keith's Top 5 was all about the worst things that have happened because the pandemic has ended. "We all have to stop sucking." (33:42)

Image Credit: Comstock / Stockbyte