Tuesday, June 29: The Heat Wave Continues; AJ Plays Hair Removal Trivia; Comedian Chuck Nice

Jun 29, 2021, 03:43 PM

The heat is here and everyone is upset. Chaz and AJ asked the Tribe to call in the jobs that really suffer through high temperatures, and how they have learned to cool themselves off. (0:00)
More calls about the jobs that suffer most through a heat wave, including the hell that is the inside of postal delivery vehicle. (16:38)
There has been a few interviews since the building collapse in Miami that have shed some light on possible causes. This former maintenance man says he saw a lot of water, frequently appearing in the underground garage. (24:13)
AJ tried to answer TV trivia questions, since for every wrong answer he had hair removed from his body by way of duct tape. (33:44)
The Discovery Channel has a three hour live event planned tomorrow, to go through all the government information on UFOs. So why is Chaz so angry? (40:52)
Comedian Chuck Nice, the other headliner for the Stand Up for Vets show next month at Little Pub, was on the phone. He shared stories about living up to his last name while on vacation, and shared two stories about sharing the stage with other big name comedians. (54:46)

Image Credit: chuchart duangdaw / Moment