Hands. Face. Complete waste of space.

Jun 30, 07:33 AM

Mike Graham and Kevin O'Sullivan angrily dissect the week's news as the Thought Police returns.

Talking points include: Chris Whitty being attacked, Matt Hancock's adultery, why the police are useless, how elites are treated differently to us mere mortals on COVID restrictions, test and trace, travel not returning to normal any time soon, the reporting of the severity of the Delta variant being majorly overblown, thousands of kids having to self-isolate from school for no reason, England vs. Germany, the excitement of the Euros, Scottish travel ban nonsense, and MG's lamentable car trouble. It's the podcast that refuses to download an app to go to the pub, it's the Thought Police. 

You can follow the boys on Twitter. Mike Graham is: @IROMG, Kevin O'Sullivan is @TVKev and you'll find the podcast too: @ThoughtPoliceTP.

Meanwhile if you'd like to send an email, the address is: thoughtpolicepod@gmail.com.